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105.9 KPWR - Power 106

KPWR (Power 106) – L.A. – Jan ’96 (10th Anniv. Special) – Frank Lozano

In January 1996, Power 106 celebrated its 10th anniversary by having a series of mixes representing each of its years on the air. Personalities and mixes featured here include Frank Lozano, Charlie Huero, Tony B, and Richard Humpty Vission.

Left intact is a commercial for In n Out, the legendary California burger establishment that has since spread to Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. I’m not sure if they regularly advertise on radio in the Los Angeles market, but it’s a rarity or virtually unheard of here in my hometown of Phoenix.

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  1. WOW!!!! I ran across this aircheck website by accident. What a blast to hear myself 15 years later. Working at Power 106 FM was an absolute blast and looking back at it now, I never realized how HUGE it was to work there. I will for sure say that I miss those good ‘ole days and am grateful for all the people who were entertained by my show and mixes and whom I hopefully I left wonderful memories for. Thanks for your support of Power 106 FM and my show. Come see what I’m doing now that no longer in radio at:

    Thanks Airchecked!

    (PS. I have probably 2,000 airchecks of my show from Power 106 FM if anybody is interested in hearing them)

    • I’d love to hear your Airchecks. Lozano. All of them. I truly miss the Power 106 from back in the day.

      How can I hear them.


      DJ Speedy K

    • I lost all my recordings from good days of power 106

    • Lozano, please post some of your airchecks on youtube. Will love to hear them. Bring back good memories.

    • WOW! PLEASE PLEASE PEASE provide me any DJ Enrie, Richard Humpty Vission, Sppedy K mixes oyu may have from 96-97 I WOULD really appreciate it. Thanks a bunch!

  2. i remmeber hearing you and the 8 o clock street party ! you should post some of them on youtube!

  3. I Wish I Could The Official 1st Day Of Power 106 Back In 1986!


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