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97.5 WABB Mobile Final Day Part 2 – 2/29/2012

97.5 WABB Mobile Final Day Wabbit AJ McKay Gary Mitchell Barry Silvermann Bernie Dittman Julian

As WABB’s final day progressed it began its rewind through its history.

97.5 WABB WabbitFeatured in this segment are interviews with former Production and Imaging Director AJ McKay, Lori from the History Museum of Mobile who took possession of the WABBit mascot, Barry “Gary Mitchell” Silverman (one of the first morning hosts on WABB-FM) and Bernie Dittman’s grandson Julian. At 9am, the morning show bid adieu and the station began cycling back in time through the station’s musical history.

This segment features WABB’s history in the 21st century as told via old sweepers and promos.

The aforementioned AJ McKay has also placed a number of WABB airchecks, promos, and jingles for download at his site.


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